Although i won’t be offered a place until late August/September, i’ve already gotten a place in DKIT due to the fact i have the entry requirements – times 10 🙄 :mrgreen:

Here’s the DKIT website. I’ll be doing a “Bachelor of Science in Computing” course… 3 years with the option of doing a 1 year degree course in IT management afterwards..

Pretty boring stuff.. i’d much prefer to be a full time internet entrepreneur 😛 I’ve yet to actually decide if i’ll take another year out or not.

In my twisted world, setting up and running a successful business shows much more skill and passion than getting a college degree. Ok, so you don’t have anything to fall back on – i’m constantly told this by people. But in reply, i just tell them why do i need to fall back on anything? I might never need to fall back on anything.

You can’t assume you’re going to fail. Failure isn’t an option. Not being as successful as i thought i would be – that’s my only option 😉

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