College – Year 3

2 years ago, i published this blog post on what was my first day in college. A lot has changed since then. I’ve become a much stronger all-round IT guy but i don’t think that’s down to college. Outside of college i’ve done a lot of work and learning myself, especially over the last year or so.

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This year in college i’ll be working with databases amongst other things and must build a website as part of a project so i’ll finally be doing something constructive and interesting which i can learn from and apply what i’ve learned to ‘real life’ situations.

As it’s the last year in this course, it will no doubt be the toughest but i’m prepared for that – this is why i go to college – to challenge myself and learn more. If i shy away from that or fail at that, i’m just wasting my time, my money, government money etc… So i do always try to pass everything and learn a bit, even in subjects i don’t like. I also know that if i fail anything it won’t be because i’m not good enough – it will be because i haven’t tried hard enough which is probably worse :mrgreen:

Anyway, this year, i’ll have a netbook, mobile broadband and tonnes of work to do when i have long breaks between classes. That was one of the major problems i noted right from day 1 – all the free time between classes;

So first day over and done with, and things ran smoothly for me. Now i have to do it all over again tomorrow with, get this, a 3 hour gap between classes :evil: I’m all for breaks and stuff, but that’s madness. 3 hours of doing nothing only wanting the time to tick by :roll: This is when i start to regret not living on/near campus :razz:

Last year i had my netbook but wasn’t guaranteed internet access, so it wasn’t much good to me. I’ll admit i need the internet to work and function properly as pretty much all of my plans, schedules, ideas, work etc… are all online. It’s a good thing in general as it means i can wipe my harddrive whenever i want and not have to worry. Or if my PC or netbook happened to be damaged or stolen i wouldn’t lose anything other than the value of the hardware.

I’ve had a long 3 or 4 month break, but i’ve done a lot and am probably ready to go back to college. Goals for this year will simply be to pass everything and get over the finish line in this degree. Do that, and i’ll then have the option of completing an add-on degree in IT management which at the minute looks like the most sensible option available to me.

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