college – week 6

You know you’ve passed a module when the teacher/lecturer asks YOU for help :mrgreen:

Yes, i kid you not, i was asked today how did i do something in excel and had to explain..

It was an excel file, we had to add ‘check boxes’ and auto subtract totals when the check boxes were ticked/unticked, so pretty advanced stuff… you have to ‘hide’ cells in order to get it displaying correctly/without codes. You could of course blend the font colour into the background if you were really lazy 😉

I actually had it all done, then my crappy computer crashed and i had to re-do it all 😡 but i was still ahead of the crowd :mrgreen:

Computer Applications is probably the easiest subject i have, along with ‘Study and Learning skills’ *laughs to self*.

Theoretically, they mean as much as any other subject and i have to pass them all, but i just view the two of them as bluff work.. nothing new, nothing hard, nothing challenging. That said, i still have to turn up every day, do the exams, save files on server etc and keep up to date, so i can’t just not go in as they’re continuous assessment based.

Anyway, my programming skills in VB are coming on well.. it’s not as tricky as i thought it would be..I’m looking forward to working with Photoshop and Flash in multimedia; i could teach it to myself but i’m too lazy 😛 At the minute we’re still stuck on creating html websites and adding hyperlinks etc.. 🙄

Computer Architecture/Maths remains a thorn in my side. It’s not overly difficult stuff, but there’s times you just say to yourself WTF. It takes time to sink in and actually understand why that goes there and this goes here…

6 weeks in and i’ll make one or two changes to my previous ‘hard or not’ chart which looked like this:

  • Computer Applications – Easy
  • Programming – OK
  • Computer Architecture – Hard
  • Maths – OK
  • Study Skills – Easy
  • Multimedia – Easy

So 3 ‘easy’s’, 2 ‘OK’s’ and 1 ‘Hard’.

Easy means i could pass without thinking. OK means i need to think, but don’t need to kill myself studying and could probably scrape a pass with zero work. Hard means i need to study/work in order to pass. So bar architecture, i’m flying without lifting a finger really 😆

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