College Update

It’s been a while since i blogged about college and how i’m getting on in DKIT.

Whilst i love playing monopoly with websites and blogging online :mrgreen: It’s important i don’t get too carried away to the extent i end up screwing up my college work.

I’ve always maintained i’m not in college to get a job or add another line to my CV, i’m in it to build my skills and understanding of computers and all things technology. That hasn’t changed.

I nailed last semester without doing much, getting a 71% average. Things will be different this time around, tougher. I’m beginning to fight with myself and really think in order to get my head around maths and programming… that’s obviously a good thing to get me thinking, but it eats up more of my time.

I had a maths test yesterday, and i’ve a programming test tomorrow. I’ll stick my neck on the line and say i won’t fail either. I say that with a degree of confidence, but at the same time i’ll not pass by much :mrgreen: It depends what sort of mood i’m in and whether the exam is in the morning or the evening. I reckon i got about 40-50% in maths, it’ll do for now, hopefully i can make up for it in the summer exam 😈

Anyway, unfortunately both of these exams are in the evening, and i reckon that really hurts me in terms of brain processing power… i’m always tired and bored after lunch and just want to get home. I then come alive at night again, around this time… this is when all of my ideas and domains are usually conceived 😛

The year group is also (99% certain) heading to Microsoft the week after next for a little tour. Not quite as glamorous as Google perhaps, but it will be very interesting and i’ll be sure to take loads of pics and video and throw them up on this blog for you guys to see :mrgreen:

So i’m still enjoying college and the work. Yeah, it gets boring and i could fall asleep during some lectures, but at the end of the day that’s what i signed up for, and i have to take the rough with the smooth. The hard stuff is also interesting once it clicks with you.. it’s a sense of achievement i suppose. The one thing i’ve learned is that things are always easier than they seem in computers – they’re just disguised behind padded terminology.

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  1. Ah don’t worry you’ll do fine tomorrow!! Once you remember how to fill in the load_form; filling in the arrays everything else is common knowledge. Like, after that it’s just questions like finding the highest and lowest etc.
    So don’t forget….
    dim array()
    dim count
    dim sr as IO.Streamreader
    dim i as integer
    dim person as string, amount as integer
    sr = IO.File.OpenText(“file.txt”)
    count = – 1
    do while sr.peek – 1
    person = sr.ReadLine
    amount = CInt(sr.ReadLine)
    count = count 1
    ‘Make sure you always change the variables that have been declared as non-strings put CInt() onto because SR can only read the file if it’s a string
    sr.close ()
    ReDim array(count)
    sr = IO.File.OpenText(“file.txt”)
    for i = 0 to count
    array(i) = sr.readline

    Just practising 😉 I hope it sticks in your head 😛
    How the hell do you make an empty line on wordpress?

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