College Tomorrow..

I’d imagine over the next week, i’ll be talking about college a lot. So excuse all the non-related stuff for the next week, it’s just the excitement getting the better of me 😛 I intend to keep up the two posts a day routine, and i don’t think college will change that.. i’ll be blogging once in the morning and once in the evening hopefully.

It’s a pretty big deal in anyone’s life.. you only get one shot at it (in general) so i’m going to try and enjoy it as much as possible.

Tomorrow is my first day.. i’d love to say i’m nervous but i’m not. The only thing i’m nervous about is not being able to get parked and arriving late for class :mrgreen:

I’m relishing the thought of meeting like-minded people and hooking up on projects outside of college. I don’t really know anyone local in this business and have been forced into long distance partnerships for the most part. Adam lives close by (about an hour away) but i’ve yet to met him face to face.

So having coders, designers, video editors, entrepreneurs all around me is a mouth watering prospect. College is also a great place to get the viral marketing train going.. and no doubt i’ll be using that to my advantage once BeerChief launches 😈 I’ve said this before, but where i’m going is called ‘Dundalk’ and it’s nickname amongst students is ‘Fundalk’ as it’s got a reputation as a party college, so in Ireland, in the heart ‘Fundalk’s’ epicentre – the college, there probably isn’t a better place to launch/promote BeerChief.

Anyway, 3 years of work ahead for me (minimum). It’s a very different approach to secondary school. At school i had no interest in the subjects i had, yet i still put in the work and got the results. Now, the tables are turned and i’m doing something i enjoy doing, something i’m pretty good at and already know a bit about. I can’t picture myself not doing homework/projects/assignments simply because this stuff is what i live for :mrgreen: If i get an assignment today, i’ll have it done for tommorow :mrgreen: That’s the sort of energy and workrate i have regarding anything computery.

Of course it could all backfire and i might not meet anyone with the work rate or skills to work with me on start up projects. I’ve yet to come across any DKIT’ers with blogs or websites of their own so that’s a concern 😕 Loads of bebo profiles though which tells you where the priorities lie 😆 I could meet nobody i get on with and they could all think i’m a weirdo with an unrealistic dream 😎 I could also hate the course and the content…

But bring it on 😈 No matter what people say or do or think i’ll not be giving up the day job anytime soon 😆 If i find it tough going, i won’t be afraid to say it, but you won’t find me dropping out if the going gets tough. The only reason i’ll be dropping out is to look after a booming e-business 😉

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