College tests update…

It’s important i keep you guys up to date on how college is going… after all i’m doing a computing course so it ties in nicely with blogging/technology and my career as an internet entrepreneur.

Speaking of college, check out these pranks which i’ve stumbled upon recently..



So far, i’ve yet to fail an exam. I did however get 43% in maths which was pretty pathetic and woeful and disgraceful. I accept that though as i didn’t do a tap for it. Never liked maths, never will :mrgreen:

In the rest, i think my lowest grade is 73%, so i’m not exactly struggling across the board 🙄

Most of my modules are 100% continuous assessment which basically means mini assignments every couple of weeks and no big test at the end of semester.

Maths and Architecture (just another fancy word for maths!) are the two exams where i do have an end of semester exam so if i keep my head above water in those, i’ll be grand. Architecture is the one eveyone’s dreading but i’m actually starting to get the hang of it now and it’s becoming much easier.

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