college term 1 results

I’ll let the stats do the talking;


And now i’ll do my talking… :mrgreen: It all translates to an average of 71% which is classed as a distinction 😈

Fairly solid across the board, the maths side of things is my obvious weak spot looking at those results. Having said that, many people wouldn’t regard 57% and 64% as ‘weak’ results 😎

My strengths are in the media and apps/development side of things looking at those results. If i can repeat those results in my new modules come summer, i’ll be delighted. Now that the novelty has worn off and i become less interested in college and more interested in work, it’s a case of balance and priorities… it will be interesting to see how i handle things this term.

My guess is i’ll pass all modules again this term first time around. It’s just not in my nature to fail.


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