College results out tomorrow!


Tomorrow at about 4pm i’ll get confirmation of my Degree in Computer Applications and Support. It doesn’t mean anything to me now but of course it is a big deal… bigger than i appreciate.

Tomorrow also sees the start of the leaving cert exams and to be honest i’m more excited about them than anything else. I’m working hard on my network of leaving cert sites and it’s all starting to pay off…

Today we got a mention in the irish times… both (a site we bought just a couple of weeks ago) and (the first ever site i set up back in 2006) were both featured in a ‘blog watch’ on and also in print.

leaving cert in irish times

As i write this i’m also looking at today’s stats and the traffic just keeps on rising… 3,552 visits today at last count. That’s just on We’e blogging more, we’re on facebook more, we’re working harder and smarter…

Next year is going to be huge and i’m really looking forward to september. It will be the first time ever i’ll have a real chance to dominate the leaving cert niche which was my long term goal back when i originally set up back in 2006.

I’m suspiciously quiet on twitter & facebook these days and that’s purely because i’m putting all my time in to these leaving cert sites. Some work you see, most you don’t, but the stats are a good indication of the work we’re putting in.

Once my college results come out tomorrow, that’ll be them dead and buried until i have to put them on a CV. I’ll do my best to forget about them as i enter what will probably be my final year in college in September. It’s very important i start from scratch and don’t see this as an add on to the previous 3 years. 1st class honours must be the target next year.

That coupled with my new found enthusiasm for the leaving cert will make September 2010 – June 2011 one very exciting year.

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