College Results Déjà vu

level 8 degree

This time last year i was blogging about how my exam results were coming out tomorrow. That would be my first degree. Today, i’m talking about the same thing all over again… college results are out tomorrow and i’ll pick up my honours degree in IT Management…


I expect to get a 2.1 which is between 60% and 70%. A 1.1 is as good as it gets and it’s anything above 70%. That was the aim at the start but i should fall just short of that and i’ll take it. I was never sweating this year although i did have to sacrifice a lot of time to get things done. Was it worth it? Well i’ve answered that before, but in a word, yes… it’s a very nice safety net to have. Regardless of the subject area or the level, finishing & getting a degree in itself is an indication of a lot of things which experience can’t match. However i also believe experience is at least equally if not more important.

But tomorrow will confirm everything for me and i can finally claim to have an honours degree in IT Management. I can join the ever growing club of level 8 degree holders. Really though i’m ‘over’ college already, it’s the last thing on my mind. I’m just writing this post because i feel that’s what expected of me. It’s supposed to be a big important day 🙂

The results will be out tomorrow at 5pm, although usually we can log in earlier than that. I’ll dissect them tomorrow as usual and compare them to my own predictions. I predict i won’t be too far off the mark :mrgreen:

What happens after tomorrow?

On Wednesday, i’ll be heading to grad ireland for a careers fair. Simply to keep my options open and get as much info as possible. However, in the background i’m probably as close to setting up a business as i’ve ever been. The ideas are there, the meetings have & are still taking place and it’s now a case of getting more structure and formal documentation in place… that’s as much as i’ll give away here because there’s still a long way to go and the wheels could yet come off.


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