College Registration Day..

College registration day is on Monday (2 days away).. hopefully i’ll not be starting my course for another week or so after that, i’ll find out Monday..

Anyway, i’ve already got talking to a few guys in my class/course through the internet- a mature student from Dundalk itself and a student going in to 3rd year of the same course.. i know of a few others doing multimedia courses..

Apparently there’ll be a few mature students in our class so that’s nice as it mixes things up a bit.. as expected, the males:females ratio isn’t going to be pretty at about 10:1 🙄

I keep saying it, but i’m not going to college to get a job. I’m going to learn a bit more for myself, get useful contacts in the web business and finally get some sort of qualification i can show to people.. whilst in college i certainly won’t be putting my web sites and projects on the backburner.. in fact, i hope to team up with a few class mates and start even more projects 😈

Don’t forget, this is my job now -working online, so stop working online and income freezes 😉

Up until now, i have only completed an ECDL course which is very basic, just working with MS Office. Remarkably that’s the only formal qualification i have in computers/IT 🙄
People often bring up the fact the industry isn’t stable, and it’s ever changing.. yeah, so? I want to be the best at what i do. I’m not concerned about lack of jobs or bleak futures. The reality is, if i’m good enough and determined enough, i’ll be sought after. It’s survival of the fittest.

I don’t intend to come out of college ‘looking’ for a job, i intend to create one/many.

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