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This year, i have a year-long project module to complete. I’d tell you the exact details but i still haven’t had a class yet for this module (i’m now two weeks in to college) 🙄

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My timetable has changed about 5 times since i started back and i’m still missing this subject completely from it. Anyway, i have a rough idea of what this project is about – i have to create a website, probably using and show that i can work with databases to create a basic site within admin / user functionality.

We didn’t/don’t do design in the course i’m in, but i do in my spare time 😉 so i’ll be setting very high standards for myself on this one.

I’ve already made up my mind what i’m doing and i’ll have plenty of motivation for this one… i’ll be creating some sort of feedback / discussion website which allows users to submit flaws and problems within the college.

No doubt the idea will evolve, but i’m determined to create some sort of easy to use, community driven feedback site. As far as i know, i can’t use any open source cms and i have to code in from scratch (which i haven’t really done before), so i’m facing an uphill struggle already but i’m sure i’ll learn as i go along.

I could create a site on anything but i’d prefer to kill a few birds with the one stone and seen as it’s a college project, what better subject to focus on…

I have a full year to complete this, so you can expect a work of art at the end of it all. I’ll be custom designing this from scratch and coding it all myself too. Hopefully i’ll be able to put it online and if i can’t, i’ll revamp it and put it online anyway in some shape or form, even if it is just to act as another portfolio filler 😈

Last year, my ‘masterpiece’ was a dragon’s den parody video which i single handedly edited using a whole host of tools. Sound, special effects, angles, frame by frame editing… it was a hugely time consuming project and i was completely winging it as i’d never done video editing before but it all worked out grand in the end :mrgreen:

So for my third year in college, this is the one project i’ll be putting all my effort in to.

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