College – Half Way Point

When i go back to college tomorrow, i’ll be starting semester 2 and won’t be ending it until mid-May. So i’m half way through the college year. But not only that, i’m half way through my 3 year degree. The time has flown past.

The results of my Christmas exams will be out on wednesday – i’m confident i passed all. Once i get confirmation i passed all, it will erase any trace of doubt or worry i had and it’ll set me up nicely for my summer exams in mid May.

Of course i haven’t be worrying at all – i’ve been focusing on BeerChief. College will now become a major distraction for me but it’s just a case of balance. I seen this coming a long time ago and that’s the main reason i got myself a new netbook – to ‘win back’ the time i was ‘losing’ or would lose at college over the next couple of years.

My netbook will allow me to work on my online projects whenever i’ve got some free time. Last semester was probably my best yet in terms of performance, we’ll see if my results reflect that. Everything was submitted on time and usually very early – i got in to the habit of doing things as they were thrown at me.

Mightn’t be so highly motivated this semsester, not with BeerChief in full swing, but it doesn’t really matter what i’m doing so long as i’m working hard (inside or out of college) and passing exams. That’s what it boils down to – it’s very much a results based ‘business’ this college thing 😉

Anyway, i’m looking forward to getting full use of my 6 hour battery life on the NC10. No plugs – not a problem :mrgreen: Last semester, that Dragon’s Den video ate up most of my time…. an incredible amount of work was put in to that… not just by me but the other 4 guys too as you can tell from the video 😉 Looking back on it, that was absolutely insane and i think i the fact i went completely over the top with the editing just made it more comical!


Things will be different this semester though – my time will rocket in value from next week on and whilst i’ll be trying my best on all projects, i’ll not be over-committing on anything unless it’s something really worth while.

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