college education 75% complete


3 years down, 1 to go. 75% complete. That’s how far i am towards my goal which was set about 5 years ago; getting a degree in IT management…

What i do after i reach that goal, i’m still not sure yet, but i’ll worry about that once i complete the mission. I start year 4 of this mission tomorrow. However this year will be very different. Not only will it be my last, but it will be in a new environment.

Out with the old

The change of surroundings and technology comes at a good time, just as i was getting fed up and highly frustrated with the old environment and old technology.

Every Friday last year i was working in a dark, cramped room for 4 hours with slow, 10 year old PCs, faulty cables and a dodgy wireless signal which meant even my own netbook was rendered useless. All you can do is that situation is get on with things and look at the bigger picture but those fridays left a bitter taste in my mouth and were the main source of fuel for my dkitdown projects. It’s days like that were i questioned the value of being in college at all; “This isn’t fun, this isn’t a good environment to be working in, this isn’t allowing me to be creative and fulfill my potential”….

In with the new

This year all of those problems should be a thing of the past. New PC’s, all new equipment, labs, lecture rooms… you can’t ask for much more than that. Being my final year, i also won’t have time to ask for more than that 🙂

Ignore everyone, go with heart

My time will be spent working on a project / thesis and trying to do up my overall game this year. 70% + is the goal. That’s a first class honours. I got just under 68% last year. At this stage i’m fairly certain i want to do a leaving cert based project. It’s the only way to keep me interested. I need to be smart and make the right choices for me.

Up until now college has been separate from my online projects… in order for me to keep my work rate up, i need to combine the two. At the minute, is growing rapidly and i’m investing a lot of time and energy in to it, have been for the past month or more. It’s my ‘strength’ and i’m going to play to it, even if it means completing a crappy project. This year my overall mental state is more important than anything and the last thing i want to do is take on a project that becomes a chore.

The project is the only thing i’m concerned with at the minute. It’s the only year long module. The rest won’t be easy but they also won’t last as long.

Change of sleep patterns

All summer long, i was in bed between 3.00-3.30am, up at 10.30-10.30am. About 8 hours of sleep on the button every night. And my energy levels were perfect. Never too tired. Never drained.

Sticking to 8 hours of sleep per night will be extremely difficult. It would mean being in bed at about 11pm which just isn’t doing to happen. So this is a tricky one, but i’ll aim to be in bed at 12.00am every night and up at 7am. 7 hours sleep. Much easier said than done.

It’s all about routine though, and that routine starts tonight after i finish this sentence :mrgreen:

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