College beckons..


There’s about 1 month left for me as a free agent.. a full time blogger.. a full time internet person.. whatever i call myself these days 😛

After that i’ll be a full time student 👿

It’s a good and bad thing.. on the one hand i’ll be developing my computer skills, meeting new tech minded friends, expanding my knowledge..

On the flip side it could be expensive.. especially if i don’t get a grant.. i mightn’t like the course and i may not get the level of tuition i’m hoping for. I’ve learned a hell of a lot about the internet over my year out and most of that was spent working full time in retail, so i haven’t done half bad. The desire is there, the work rate is there and that’s probably the most crucial thing going into any college course.

I have to stress i’m not going to college to get a job, and i’ve never thought of it like that.. i’m going to build bridges and gain knowledge.. the main goal of this blog was to keep tabs on my online earnings and hopefully be able to survive through college on them..

It’s been almost a year now since i made my first few bucks and progress has been slow. But i’m not one to give up. Never. This months earnings are on course to smash all of my previous records and if i can keep that ‘never say die’ attitude up and keep plugging away, eventually things will work out.

Realistically i need to making $100/week to survive. From this month onwards, i’m determined to hit the $100/month mark. 25% of what i need to live on. I’ll then try and gradually increase my earnings to 50% of what i need.

I expected my savings to last all summer and into September but i’m pleased to say they should last well beyond that.. that’s mainly down to the fact i’ve kept my spending to an absolute minimum. So hopefully once my savings start to run out, my online earnings will start to rise and one can replace the other in a nice smooth fashion 😆

5 thoughts on “College beckons..”

  1. College should give you plenty of material for your blog … both good and bad.

    I’m still in shock to think that students will have to pay a parking fee while paid lecturers won’t.

    Another case of screw the already cash-strapped student! ❗


  2. exactly lord bloggit – taking money from the people who can least afford it 👿

    you’re spot on regard the extra material for blogging.. i should make new friends, get new ideas and hopefully work on some projects..

    i’m also looking forward to promoting BeerChief. DKIT is probably the best college in Ireland to promote a social networking beer site :mrgreen:

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