College, 3 weeks in..

Don’t be fooled by paper watch, despite getting 112 pages of stuff, it’s all fairly easy/common sense stuff which i already know…

There are 2 major things i’d say i’ve learned out of it all so far…

  • Binary code: what it is, where it’s used, how to convert/calculate other bases to/from binary.
  • Programming: the basics of VB (visual basic), i can now design and code small app’s such as simple calculators with buttons/labels/textboxes etc…

That’s it. The rest is either what i’d call bluff work, common sense or stuff i’ve already known from working in/with computers as a general user. I’ve had 3 mini assignments so far and nailed 100% in all 3 (well, i should do), so happy days 😎

Loads of huffing and puffing, fancy terminology along with 70+ hours of classes and the 100 pages of notes/info/rubbish, but if i were to give you a no – frills summary of what i’ve learned, that would be it 😉

I’m also, for the first time, beginning to see different standards/quality between lecturers.. the good ones and the not so good ones. Up until now, i guess i was trusting/looking up to all of them as some sort of guru’s in their area, but this week i’ve begun to see that they are human after all and not invincible fountains of knowledge. :mrgreen: So a reality check for me.

The one thing i can say about DkIT/College and the staff i’ve met, is that it has a really relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.. no pressure and an ‘in your own time’ sort of approach to things. Very casual and laid back, which i love, it suits me. It makes learning not necessarily fun (you’ll never hear me mention ‘maths/programming’ + ‘fun’ in the same sentence), but less of a ‘chore’. I’m also very self-motivated/independent so you’ll never find me taking days off here and there just because i feel like it.. 100% attendance record so far in all classes 😈

So things are relatively easy so far, i can’t complain.. the only thing i’m having trouble with is adding/converting binary numbers but that’s probably down to my lack of interest in maths. I find it boring / not useful, but at the same time i know enough to get by so i can’t complain as i’m sure there’s other people that are seriously struggling.. if i REALLY wanted to, i’d spend a couple of hours on the net and iron out any problems i have, but let’s be honest here.. i just couldn’t be bothered doing something if it doesn’t need to be done, especially if i’m not interested in it 🙄

So 3 weeks in, September under my belt and cruising along nicely. I’m enjoying it all so far.. the early starts suck big time, but hey, they could be the difference between me making it online, or me trying to make it online 😀

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