climbing mount google

Earlier this week, i discovered the internet equivalent of a goldmine.

As we all know goldmines are priceless… but they don’t mine themselves… it takes time, effort and patience. The problem i’m faced with now is something most people struggle with – i have to rank no.1 in google 19 times across 19 niches in order to cement this larger niche over (I have 19 different domains).

Yes, i have the’s, but i face tough opposition from some of the biggest sites out there – amazon, ebay, apple, expansys to name a few. It’s a massive task and will put my SEO skills to the test.

The domains themselves are worth a small fortune, but the real value is ranking front page on google for all of their terms – that’s ultimately what anyone buying the domains would have to do anyway to really see massive returns.

I’ve already set up 19 different sites, all using wordpress. I’ve decluttered them all and installed my favorite plugins. I’ll now have to find some SEO friendly themes, customize them all, then try to add content.

I’ll try to build up content on one of the sites first and do a sort of trial run… not many people have the luxury of ‘testing’ content on a keyword domain in which the keywords have in excess of 400k searches/month, but luckily for me, i’ve about 19 of these niches so if one site gets blacklisted or performs poorly, it’s not game over.

Although these niches aren’t massively competitive – (generally 3-10m results for each keyword in google), they are dominated by big sites like i’ve mentioned above so it’s not going to be easy… it’s not simply a case of ‘any content will do’ – each and every word i write will have to be written and re-written until i’m happy that it reads well for both humans and search engines. This blog for example is well SEO’d but usually i don’t write for search engine traffic…. i never look back over a post and try to optimize it for google because quite simply, it’s too time consuming.

Running over the figures, assuming 2 million searches / month in total across these different niches, let’s say 10% of those click on link no.1 (hopefully my site) – that’s 200,000 visits overall. Let’s assume a 2% click rate on ads at $0.10/ad (based on 200k page impressions). That equals $400/month. Lets say 1% of those 200,000 visitors buy something through an affiliate link at a modest $1 per sale my cut… equal to $2000/month.

All very modest figures and realistically, that combined $2400/month total could be increased 10 fold. So now you can see why i’m determined to nail down no.1 spots in google and hang on to these domains. It’s a niche with massive potential, but it pretty much all hinges on google rankings and organic traffic.

Running 19 sites with up to date, unique content is obviously impossible. Building them one by one is my best bet. I’ll probably never reveal any of these domains or sites, which may leave you wondering why i’m blogging about them… it’s because i’ve NEVER come across a niche as big as this online before, with a whole host of highly-searched-for keyword domain names unregistered.

As i’ve said before, the keywords in my domains, combined, get over 2 million searches per month in google.

Just as an example and to help explain what i’m talking about, the term ‘mens shoes‘ gets about 2.5 million searches in google per month and lets say i have ‘‘ registered. That’s how big all of my niches and domains combined are.

My job is to get ‘‘ ranking no.1 – if i can do that, i’m sorted 😉

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