Clearing the backlog of work

Over the past month or so i’d just gotten involved in too much. It was a nightmare and i couldn’t really enjoy myself as i was bogged down with work. Here’s what was on my mind;

Skydive Competition

  • Gathering and organizing results, sorting out how i’d draw winners, doing screencast etc…


  • I’m trying to get off to a good start this year in college so ideally, i’d like to spend a few hours at home not ‘studying’, but trying to develop what i’d already learned.


  • I’m doing a video production for a college project… i needed to get familiar with Premier Pro and After Effects plus read up on tonnes of tutorials and videos.


  • BeerChief always requires work even if i don’t work on it. It’s a daily pressure on me but a nice one as i know it will be very sweet once it’s actually ‘complete’.


  • Last month i was involved in developing – that involved talking with 4 people regularly and coming up with some posts…

Paid Reviews

  • I had one paid review (will be posted this month) and although it’s only one, it still requires research and thought… more so than a standard blog post.

Whilst that may not seem like much, it is…. 3 of those 6 have been ‘cleared’ and it’s a nice weight off my shoulders. I now am free from listlunatic work, my skydive competition (a real time eater) plus that paid review.

Of course i still have mountains of work to be getting through and i will, slowly but surely. Ultimately, i’ll be happy to scale things back to just this blog, BeerChief and one or two little side projects – that’s the goal and that in itself is more than enough 😉

My blog suffered last month (in terms of blog post volume) as a direct result of the above and that’s not something i want to see too often. It’s extremely easy to surround myself with work and take on more projects and challenges, but it’s very difficult to actually get through them all on time.

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