Chrome Extensions

Chrome has now replaced Firefox for me when it comes to web browsing. The only reason i now use Firefox is for development and design purposes (when i’m working on websites). The reason i’ve made the switch is because Chrome is noticeably faster and less cluttered than Firefox. Of course it was always that way, but the latest Chrome version 4.0 now gives us extensions which take things to another level.

I’ll run through some of the extensions i’m using right now;

Google Mail Checker Plus

google mail checker plus

This allows me to read, archive and compose plus it alerts me when i get new gmail. I still use google talk (desktop application) but this little extensions for chrome is hands down the best and easiest way for me to manage my email.

Install it here

Chromed Bird


Nice little twitter extension that i find myself using quite a bit.

Install it here

Chrome SEO


Quick SEO stats. Some still under construction but this has massive potential!

Install it here



I used lastpass with firefox to store my passwords / usernames for quick access to all websites. It’s not so much for my own accounts, but for other peoples.. when you’re looking after websites and email accounts / stats etc… you’ll quickly lose usernames and passwords if they’re all on paper or in your head. Lastpass remembers everything and speeds up logging in to all accounts.

Install it here

Google Bookmarks

google bookmarks

I used a google bookmarks extension for firefox and eventually came across this one from chrome which does the job perfectly.

Install it here


turbo search

Again for firefox i was used to that drop down search menu where you’d get a variety of different search engines to choose from. That’s one thing chrome doesn’t have. Although i only use google for regular searching, having the ability to search sites like youtube and wikipedia without having to go directly to them is very handy. Much more efficient.

Install it here

Ultimate Chrome Flag

ultimate chrome flag

I had a similar extension for firefox yet again. Basically this extension will tell you where the site you’re on is hosted along with it’s IP and some ranking / trustworthy data.

Install it here

One of the major advantages chrome extensions has over firefox add ons is that the browser doesn’t have to be restarted for the plugins to be installed. It was always a pain in the ass updating / installing new firefox addons – especially if you have loads of tabs and windows open.

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