chrome extensions i can’t do without

google chrome extensions

Whenever i’m in a lab at college the first thing i’ll do is go to Internet Explorer or Firefox and download Google Chrome. I just can’t use any other browser these days…

But of course Google Chrome is nothing without it’s extensions. Just like Firefox. Over the past couple of weeks i’ve been following the google for students blog. They’ve listed some essential extensions but here’s my favourites;

RemindMe – Such a simple tool and that’s what makes it so useful. This extension allows you to quickly add reminders and opens up a new tab or desktop notification with optional sounds. Very handy and i find myself using it more and more. No logging in, no complicated interface, just a nice simple reminder tool.

Apture Highlights – Allows you to highlight a word and once highlighted, presents you with a ‘search’ button. Click the button to pull up info for videos / pictures / wikipedia / whatever…

After the Deadline – I not only use this in google chrome but i’ve also added it as a plugin to my own blog and to It’s like an intelligent spell checker. It knows when stuff you say doesn’t make sense and will warn you.

Some other old favorites of mine are;

  • lastpass (password manager)
  • click&clean (history/cache cleaner)
  • gmail checker plus

By the time i install all of those on one PC, i’ve wasted about 10 minutes, so i also have a portable version of chrome on my portable hard drive with all of those extensions & more on it.

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  1. Oooh, another one who swears by Google Mail Checker Plus 🙂

    I switched to it once I started having multiple Google Apps accounts to worry about and keeping them all checked. Although I wonder how much less useful the plugin will become once all Apps accounts are forced into becoming full Google accounts.

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