chrome 4.0 is upon us

Google Chrome has grown up and is now at version 4.0. Up until now, it’s been a fast reliable browser but lacked the bells and whistles firefox had.

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Chrome 4.0 brings with it a 42% performance boost over the old Chrome (which was faster than most browsers anyway!) plus it brings with it extensions – which means it can now go head to head with firefox’s add ons.


Chrome is now a serious browser and firefox should be very worried – i would be if my name were firefox. Chrome’s speed and simplicity is what makes it a threat to firefox. Despite the fact our computers & internet connections are more powerful and faster than ever before, speed is still a huge factor in winning a head to head battle with a rival application.

Up until now i’ve used chrome exclusively on my netbook (it was much faster than firefox to start up and to render pages) and i’d only use it on my desktop for web development / testing, because i needed several firefox add ons. That will all change shortly though. The only thing chrome is missing now for me is ‘firebug’ which is an essential add on for any webmaster who designs / develops / tests web sites or applications.

But if you’re just a regular surfer and don’t need any specific addons for firefox, then i’d recommend you switch to Chrome right now. The time has come. Chrome is now a superior browser to firefox for the average user.

It is quite literally a ‘google’ browser so you know it’s simple, fast and ultra reliable. It’s too early to write firefox off as they’ll have firefox 4.0 coming out shortly, but i feel they’re already losing ground which they’ll never be able to make back up… you cannot allow google to get ahead of you in any department and expect to catch up with them. It’s like giving usain bolt a head start in a 100m sprint.

Right now, firefox has more add ons and add ons which have been built exclusively for firefox. That’s a major plus point for them. However, firefox is slower and fatter (interface wise). Unless it sheds some serious weight very soon, it’ll soon be in a retirement home with IE, reliving past glories until it’s inevitable demise 🙂

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