christmas exams

Looking back on this time last year, i realized i only had 2 exams to sit at Christmas, meaning only 120 marks out of 600 where resting on Christmas exams.

This time around, 310 marks rest on Christmas exams, and i have 6 exams.

I’ve already completed 290 marks worth of stuff and here’s how i’ve done (roughly)…

  • Requirements Modeling – 41/50 – already passed – i can put my feet up for that exam and switch in to auto pilot mode, saving myself for other exams.
  • Networking – 22 / 40 – nasty subject in an area i’ve no real interest in but at least i’m off to a solid start with 22 / 40 already under my belt. Just 13 / 60 needed to pass.
  • Hardware – 23/40 – tough exams and marking in a relatively easy subject – that’s all i’ll say.
  • Data Analysis – 30/40 – maths in disguise but with a genius lecturer who makes it all so easy.
  • Interpersonal Communications – 35 / 50 – probably have this subject passed already (this was the subject involving my video project). A lot of it is about group dynamics / everyone’s a winner / lets all join hands stuff. Don’t believe in it and feel it’s a bluffers paradise but i’ll take the easy marks while they’re going.
  • Web Client Programming – 40 / 70 – results not official, but i’ve done enough to pass so again, no problems here.

So at least 191 / 290. Or on average about 66% overall. There are no real danger subjects for me, my worst subjects on paper are hardware and networking, both of which i can afford to fail in the Christmas exams and still pass. In fact, i can afford to get 22% out of 100% and still pass my worst subject.

Last year, we all had the benefit of knowing we only had 2 exams and in reality had probably passed those anyway just by writing something. This year though, the flames have been turned up with 6 exams, one after the other, most of which make up a huge part of our overall marks.

We’ve never been tested like that before in college and it separates the men from the boys as there is genuine study and work involved in preparing for written exams.

My timetable for the exams goes like this;

  • Interpersonal Communications (15/12)
  • Networking (16/12)
  • Data Analysis (17/12)
  • Hardware (18/12)
  • Requirements Modelling (19/12)
  • Web Client Programming (22/12)

(subjects which i’ve basically passed already in green). So the only dates that really matter to me are the 16th and 18th. If they go well, i’ve nothng to worry about and it’s job done until May when summer exams start.

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