chilling out online..

Quite often, you can get stressed out online when working… lack of earnings, lack of traffic, someone criticising you, server crashing etc.. it happens to all of us.

The great thing about the internet is that you can also use it as a stress reliver :mrgreen:

Games, Forums, Videos, Pictures etc.. you could literally spend hours at a time just browsing about entertaining yourself.. For example, this video is about 3 minutes long, but it’s the best 3 minutes of entertainment you’re likely to see anywhere 😉

So i do lurk about on youtube and metacafe from time to time, along with forums and the odd game site. If i’m bored here are the top 5 sites i’d visit in no particular order;





I’m not really into the whole bebo or myspace thing, it doesn’t really interest me. That’s ironic, as i’m setting up my own social networking site in BeerChief. So once that’s launched, i’ll be adding it to my list of ‘i’m bored’ sites 😆

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