Cheezburger can has my video?

you lookin' at me?

Today, my penguin video has been featured on, one of the biggest sites around (Daily traffic in the millions of visitors according to wikipedia). They approached me a few days ago looking to buy the video and after some thought, i agreed (it’s not as if i’m going to use it again myself for commercial purposes!)…

The post on icanhascheezburger has been retweeted 57 times and has 197 votes, with an average rating of 4 out of 5. 20 comments have been left. Fairly typical stats for a post on icanhascheezburger.

On my own youtube channel, it continues to pull away from my 2nd most viewed video of all time which is tinie tempa’s mosh pit live at the aviva stadium. That has just over 2,000 views, but the lone penguin video now has over 9,000 views.


People have speculated as to why the penguin didn’t move when the rest did… i’m not 100% sure but you can see from some of my other videos that the lone penguin is standing in the area where the penguins get fed so he was probably just smart and very experienced. “Why move when i know the food is going to come to me?”. So i wouldn’t feel overly sorry for this guy.

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