check in on 2011 goals


At the start of 2011 i set 10 goals. I’ll do the same for 2012 but now it’s time to review 2011’s…

1. Develop an iPhone app – fail

I started the year learning about iPhone development and did in fact build my first app but it involved clicking a button and displaying a popup message. I never got around to building a proper app & getting one in to the app store though.

2. Build another – fail

I’m harsh on myself here because this is something i’m in the process of doing.

3. increase traffic to – pass

This was done in the summer where traffic officially eclipsed 2010’s yearly traffic.

4. increase traffic to – fail

Traffic has fallen just below last year’s level but it’s not surprising as i’ve been blogging less. 2011 has been one of my worst years ever in terms of blog post numbers.

5. Edit & upload more videos to youtube – pass

Done. As an added bonus one of my videos went viral and got over half a million views.

6. Upload even more photos to flickr – pass

I now have over 7,000 images uploaded to flickr. Over 4,000 were uploaded in 2011.

7. Get at least a 2.1 degree in IT Management – pass

Probably the biggest achievement of 2011 on paper… a 2.1 honours degree in IT Management.

8. Visit more Irish landmarks & attractions – pass

Glendalough, Dublin / Wicklow Mountains, Blarney Castle, Rock of Cashel… not a great ‘haul’ of Irish landmarks but certainly better than in previous years.

9. More networking – pass

I can’t remember going to any events in 2011, but early in the year i started working on 25/7 sports and that kind of ‘took over’. I’d expect 2012 to be packed with new faces, new opportunities & new friends but that’ll all be down to the initial work done 2011.

10. Masters / Job / Business – fail

A fail in a technical sense but in terms of ‘figuring out what i want to do’ (which is what i had in mind when creating the goal), a pass. 25/7 Sports will be a my job in 2012.

RIP, formal education.

Every year of my life thus far has been mapped out. The big milestones have always been ‘education’. Moving up a year, junior cert, leaving cert, college, degree. 2012 will be different because for the first time ever, education won’t be the goal. I won’t have to sacrifice everything else for education. So i’ll have much more freedom in 2012, my first full year without having the pleasure of sitting exams.

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