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6 days ago i ordered two pairs of prescription glasses from Today they were delivered, FedEx style. You know people mean business when they ship stuff via FedEx…

Anyway, here i am modeling the glasses, with my hands in the ‘evil triangular temple of doom’ pose. Honestly, i didn’t spend too much time deciding what frames to get or what colours, how big etc… i just stuck to black, browsed a few pages and picked the cheapest.

Glasses Modelling
Glasses Modelling
Glasses Modelling
Glasses Modelling

Just to clarify, the ‘sunglasses’ are simply clip on sunglasses which clip on to the original glasses (top two images). I’m not a fan of clip on sunglasses myself (too delicate and fiddly), but for driving, these will do the job perfectly. I’ll just leave a set permanently in the car.

This was all more of an experiment than anything. Add in a ‘minus’ instead of a ‘plus’ on my order and the glasses would have been worthless to me. Get a mm measurement wrong and again, worthless. Thankfully, they all turned out perfect.

Some of the measurements e.g. distance between pupils i completely ‘bluffed’. That particular measurement wasn’t on my prescription so i basically stood against a mirror, put a measuring tape on the end of my nose and guesstimated what it was (65mm). I’m not sure if that’s accurate or not but the glasses turned out fine (i.e. i can see through them clearly without blur) so it must be reasonably accurate.

Anyway, i got all of this stuff delivered for under $50 which is less than €35. Here’s my order;

glasses order details

Frames, lenses, clip on sunglasses, Anti Reflection Coating etc… to put that in perspective, my current set of glasses (which i got last summer) cost about €180 in a local opticians. The cheapest started at €79 and as far as i know ‘Anti Reflection Coating’ alone cost €20 extra on the lenses. It costs extra on, but it’s only $4.95 extra.

Sorry, Irish opticians, but you just can’t compete on price with the internet or more precisely, China., you shall be recommended from now on. Perfect service and i know where to go for my next pair of glasses 🙂


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  1. I just bought myself some glasses too, but i bought them from the opticians, i was in dire need of new ones! My last ones i had for the past two year, i could fit two of my head into one pair they stretched that much! I ended up getting two sets for €129.

    I thought about looking online, but since i was already in the opticians i just ordered them from them instead.

    But for my contact lenses i always buy them online, i save a fortune! For 3 months in the opticians it would cost me about €60 (they are special toric lenses). If i buy them online form Vision Direct ( I only had to spend €76 for 6 months! And that included delivery, so it just makes sense to get them online, the savings are unbelievable and is better off in my pocket!

  2. Yeah it’s crazy the difference in price… i’d imagine they all come from china anyway one way or another. Here we’re probably paying for the fancy displays and lighting in empty stores 🙂

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