Cheap Bluetooth Handsfree Kit

Last week I ordered a bluetooth handsfree kit for my 2000 renault megane hatchback 😆

Had i been a normal person off the street, i probably would have went in to a phone shop and bought an official nokia kit like this below; it would have cost over €100 🙄


But thankfully, i am not a normal person off the street. I got this one below for €27. Does the exact same job, but saved me almost 75% 🙄


Moral of the story – use ebay 😉

The actual device itself is excellent. Great clarity and instant connection once i hop in the car. You’re given a choice of 2 microphones; a small wee stick that plugs in to the device (almost like an external antenna) or a wired microphone that you can plug in to the device and stick anywhere on the dash.

The wired microphone is like your ipod headphones – that sort of wire, so it looks a bit messy dragging it up around the dash. So i used the little stick and from what people have said, they can hear me perfectly. So happy days.

I can now answer my phone and talk to people even though my n95 is in the back seat or in my jeans pocket 🙂

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