Charity Skydive Competition

Bit by bit, i’ve been putting together plans for a charity skydive these past few weeks. I’m now fully committed to it and definitely going ahead with the skydive – most likely in October, but i have to raise $1000 to do it first.

In order to raise the cash, i’m trying to think outside the box and play to my strengths… i do call myself an ‘entrepreneur’ after all… so i’ve come up with an online competition which will be running on this blog for the entire month of September.

Charity Skydive Competition

September is just one week away now, so i have to get some sponsors on board and get those all important prizes in order to get people entering this competition.

Potential Sponsors

Why should you sponsor prizes?

  • If you put forward a prize, you’ll get your site’s logo printed on the t-shirt i’ll wear on the day.
  • I’ll be posting pictures and video of the event (and the t-shirt – giving you some ‘unique’ exposure) on this blog and across all of my social networking profiles.
  • You’ll also receive several backlinks from throughout the competition & after it.
  • The cash raised is going to charity (helping the blind – if i raise more than $1,000 it’ll be spent helping entrepreneurs on

If you’re feeling generous, please get in touch and i’ll be delighted to add more prizes to the list and another logo to the tshirt 😎

Potential Entrants

How do you enter?

  • On September 1st the competition will be officially launched and will run until 30th September.
  • To enter you must either donate cash (min $1) to the cause OR blog about the competition. Either of those will earn you one ticket.
  • Do BOTH (donate cash and blog) and you’ll get 3 tickets.

Why should you enter?

  • You’ll get to see me falling out of an airplane at 10,000 feet.
  • You can win some great prizes (i.e. $100 cash – more prizes will be announced next week)
  • All cash raised will be going to a good cause (i won’t be profiting from this).

Other Stuff

  • Once you donate cash & blog about the event i’ll need confirmation, so please contact me or email me directly giving me your paypal address and blog link url so i can confirm.
  • Minimum amount you can donate is $1, there is no maximum. However, if you donate more than $1, you will not get any more tickets i.e. $10 donation will still only get you 1 ticket.
  • Maximum number of tickets per person is 3.
  • I am not profiting from any of this and have put up cash and other prizes to the value of $200. I’ll be posting screenshots to confirm how much has been raised and where it’s all going.
  • If i do not raise $1000, the skydive will still go ahead.
  • Payapl address used for receiving/sending funds related to this competition will be [email protected]
  • All entrants must be over 18 – just to keep things all above board and cover my ass 🙂

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