charging students to park on campus..

I’m not even at DKIT, yet i’m already finding out bad things…


From October 2007 onwards (typical – my first year), they are introducing pay parking for STUDENTS and get this – NO pay parking for STAFF 😡

Like WTF?? Students are the poor men here, lecturers and staff have high paid jobs and stability.. students have fee’s, bill’s, transport/food etc to worry about – basic needs. If you’re going to take from us students, at least take from the staff too.. equality and all that 😉

Anyway, for anyone going to DKIT, it will be €0.30 per hour, €2 per day or €8 per week. €8 per week by lets say about 25 weeks = €200 per year 😡 That’s on top of petrol, tax, insurance, maintainence plus repayments on possible loans for the car..

I’ll have to come up with some sort of free alternative.. i don’t mind walking 5/10mins if it saves me €200 over the year, so i’ll have to take a spin up to Dundalk and see what sort of free parking is in and around the campus.. no doubt others will have the same idea..

I may or may not get a grant – it takes parents income + my income into consideration for 2006… as i was basically full time for 6 months in 2006, plus part-time for 6 months, the combined income is putting me way above the limit for a grant. But as i’m not working anymore (or earning anywhere near what i was earning), there’s a chance i may get some sort of a grant so fingers crossed 😆

With stupid little expenses like this, any grant money i get will be gone in no time 🙄

I’m doing computer science in DKIT by the way, general course for 1 year, then i branch out into a specific area for 2 years e.g – software development, applications & support or networking and support.

I’ll then have the option of doing a 1 year degree course in IT management which is my ultimate goal.

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