Champions League Final 2008

Tonight, Moscow will become the new ‘Barcelona’ to Man Utd fans…

Barcelona, (The Nou Camp) was where we lifted the Champions league in ’99 along with the domestic double.

Although we can’t complete another treble, we can complete the next best thing – the league and european double. These two are the big ones…

Ironically we face english opposition in Chelsea, who we pipped to the league title. Under Mourinho, i would have feared Chelsea in a big glamour match like this but to me, it seems Chelsea are lacklustre without him and although Avram grant is grinding out results, they’re not playing with any ‘x factor’.

Utd have the holy trinity of Rooney, Ronaldo and Tevez which inject energy, skill, passion and pace in to Utd’s attack. They are the x factor which when combined with Vidic and Ferdinand – the men who keep it all together at the back, make Utd the more formidable side.

Apparently both clubs are struggling to fill their ticket allocation – not surprising when you need a Visa to get in to Moscow. Add in the length of the journey and Moscow’s renowned warmth and charm of the locals (yes i’m being sarcastic), it really makes Moscow one of the worst possible destinations for a big football match.

2 thoughts on “Champions League Final 2008”

  1. I was supporting Man Utd tonight but after seen how dirty they were playing I started cheering on Chelsea! 😛 Chelsea deserved to win! 😉

  2. What! Chelsea were the one’s hounding the ref and slapping people in the face 🙄 :mrgreen: ‘Deserved’ it my arse! Got probably the luckiest goal you’ll ever see… deflected off two defenders then the keeper slips and narrowly misses it!

    It was 50-50 at best with Utd having the bottle when it mattered most 😎

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