Bitcoin Mania

Bitcoin as a currency is an ingenious invention – perhaps the biggest & best since the internet itself. Processing & managing money online is a *massive* problem for everyone excluding banks and credit card companies. A world without banks & credit card companies would be a better place. Conspiracy theorists often talk about a new world order and how the ultimate goal is to create a single, global government along with a single global currency, but if there is such an agenda I’m pretty sure bitcoin is not part of the plan.

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Ungit – making Git user friendly

version control

Version control is to developers what a log book is to a mechanic. You don’t *need* it to make something work, but you know you can and should be using it for everything as it will ultimately save time, expense, give you peace of mind and make life easier in the long run for everyone connected with the project…

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Slim and Sass

I don’t tend to post many web development posts these days which is a shame. It’s what I do on a daily basis so i’m always learning and picking up tips and tricks. I realised I’ve never spoken about slim or sass here before yet they both make me a happier web developer and save me lots of time, so I decided to dedicate a single blog post to them…

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What is SEO in 2013?

We have a problem. Everyone knows about the value of search and everyone wants to be ‘top’ for popular search terms. SEO companies and individuals will offer you services claiming to help you so i’ll tell you what SEO is in 2013 because i feel someone needs to talk some sense on it. SEO is two things: (1) good development (2) great content. Nothing else matters…

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