365 photos in a day

365 photos. 1 day.

I’ve seen a lot of ‘365’ projects where people take a photo every day for a year or some take 2 second video clips every day for a year… it’s a challenge and forces you to be creative but for me the real reward is being able to look back on it with a sense of achievement once it’s done. I decided to do one of these, but do it with a twist – 365 photos in a DAY.

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where have my creative commons photos been used?

The majority of photos I upload online are uploaded to my Flickr account. I now have over 8,500 photos there and all of them have a commercial creative commons licence, meaning they can be used by pretty much anyone. Technically under that licence attribution is required but i really don’t care about attribution, i find it fascinating seeing how and where people use my images but of course it’s nice to get credit for them too…

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