Business banking with Bank of Ireland

There are a lot of terribly designed, buggy and useless sites and applications out there. I can deal with a useful service that looks like crap… would be a good example (note: as of July 2014 it’s looking much prettier so this comment is now looks silly). It provides a useful service but it’s just terribly designed. It gets a job done but leaves you feeling angry at how awkward the whole experience / process was… for those of you who don’t know what is, it allows you to register your car number plates, add a credit card and any time you pass through the M50 toll, you’ll be billed automatically as opposed to having to manually pay in a shop somewhere before 8pm the next day or whatever the rules are…

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my name dot com

Last week i registered the domain I’d had my eye on it for years… back in 2007, i sent an email to the then owner asking them if they’d be willing to sell it. No reply. I emailed them the following year and received the same silent treatment. After that i think i just gave up. I’m not sure exactly when it became available but leateds happened to see it was available last week and told me about it. I bought it on the spot.

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A morning without an email

email address

The first thing i do every morning is roll over to my left hand side, switch off the alarm on my iPhone with the top button (without opening my eyes) and then go back to sleep. I do this about 10 times within 20 minutes until it gets to the stage where i’m awake and waiting for the next alarm to go off. At that stage i know i’m 100% alert and ready to go. Up until that point, i live in hope that i’ve accidentally set my alarm to go off early. That could happen once, unlikely to happen 10 times…

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