how and why you should use SVG images on your site

Apple created a problem for web developers when they first introduced their retina HD displays on mobile devices. The problem was that if you wanted your images to look pixel perfect across all devices then you needed to create two images – one for normal devices, one ‘HD’ version for retina displays..

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timelapse video of infographic design


After creating my ‘comparison of Irish supermarkets on facebook design‘, it occurred to me that people just see the end product and judge it within seconds. Seeing how people work is always interesting, so i decided to create another infographic and record myself starting out on an intimidating blank canvas…

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Social Media Dimensions Cheatsheet PSD

There are no shortage of tutorials and services that allow you to customise your social profiles but i still find myself double checking dimensions all the time and manually creating images in photoshop. I decided to semi-automate that approach though and i’ll share my new workflow…

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Barcelona Tactics Flowchart

employee flow chart

I spent most of yesterday in photoshop and i’m doing that a lot these days. Flicking between Photoshop, CSS frameworks and HTML editors. It’s frustrating that i can’t show you what i’m doing, but i’m improving with every pixel i create… the most frustrating bit is spending hours designing something, knowing it’s not quite right but that’s also how you learn… by doing…

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