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Gmail. Not without flaws, but it’s a damn good email service compared with the crap that went before it and the crap that still exists today. I use gmail to handle all of my websites email…

Quite simply, rather than install your own inferior software on your own inferior server, you can use gmail & google servers to provide your entire email service. [email protected] -nothing to do with Email is hosted on google servers, using gmail. [email protected]… again using gmail on google servers…

Back in my earlier days online i would use the likes of squirrel mail but would quickly get frustrated with it simply because it wasn’t gmail. Browser plugins, desktop apps, mobile apps, integration with social networks… you don’t get that with anything non-gmail, certainly not all of it and not of the same quality.


If you have a domain name and want your own email address e.g. [email protected], simply sign up to google apps for domains, follow the instructions and enjoy hassle free email.

Right now i have quite literally dozens of email addresses forwarding on emails in to my main inbox, all from different email addresses. I can also send emails from those different addresses from within my main gmail account.

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So i never actually visit’s dedicated email inbox. I’ve no need to. It’s the same with all my domains. Anyway, after that extremely long and boring introduction, i get on to the meat and bones of this post – the ability to set up an [email protected] email address (known as a ‘catch all’).

Let’s say i only have [email protected] set up. If i send an email to the other 3 email addresses above, nobody gets it. I get message a ‘failed’ message, bob gets nothing.

HOWEVER if we enable gmail’s ‘catch all’ feature, then send bob an email to all of those email addresses above, he’ll get every single one of our emails, EVEN THOUGH he hasn’t created all of those email accounts.

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Magical stuff. It’s a nice little feature which you may think is pointless, but now that you’re aware of it, you’re going to enable it and want it because you know it’s handy. People are always making mistakes… typos are common even for the tech enthusiast like myself. Having this featured enabled ensures typos go unpunished. Unless of course your spell the bit after the @ symbol wrong, in which case, there is nothing you can do.

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  1. With your own domain name and a “forwarding service”, emails are sent to the forwarding service, which will then send them seamlessly on to your actual email account (which can be hosted anywhere!) If you have more than one email account, or several family members share a single account, you can set things up so that different addresses at your domain will be forwarded to different accounts. It's like having your own personal post office.

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