CAO offers out..

CAO offers came out this morning at 6am.. (whether you’ve been accepted into your chosen course/college) some losers actually stayed up all night just to see what they got 🙄 This is despite the fact we’ve got 8 days to accept/reject offers 🙄 Ok, some might need to get accomodation sorted out or whatever but why get up at 6am for school related stuff when you don’t have to?

It’s stupid. For my leaving cert results, i stayed in bed and got my results at noon on the internet whilst everyone else raced up to school at 8am queing 🙄 No way was i ruining my sleep-in for anything school related. These are the type of guys that moan and complain about school on a daily basis yet they’re up at the crack of dawn waiting for results 😡

Anyway, i’ve accepted my offer, i only applied for one course and got it :mrgreen: DK721 – Computing incorporating 3 award options. I think i needed 200 points to get it and i had 445, so there was never any danger i wouldn’t get it. It was just a case of if i would go this year or next.

Hopefully i can follow in the footsteps of Graham Langdon and drop out of college due to a booming e-business 😎

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