can’t talk, busy


The work all starts this week. I’ve a presentation first thing tomorrow and assignments due throughout the week too. Up until now, we haven’t been doing much work that has contributed to our overall mark…


I’m well used to giving presentations at this stage. I sit through them every day and a lot of modules require some sort of presentation. It’s a valuable life skill. The thing about presentations is that we students are experts at knowing how not to present or how to bore people. We know that some lectures are more interesting than others. So we must ask ourselves what makes a ‘bad’ presentation, but also what makes a ‘good’ presentation. Otherwise, we’re learning nothing about how to present information or how to ‘sell’ something creatively etc…

You see a lot of students just replicate the bullet point presentations they’re used to getting in class. And that’s fine, if that’s the way they learn. If that’s what keeps them entertained. In my own experience, that doesn’t work. It gets boring very quickly.

Which is why i stay away from bullet points and now use nothing but pictures, with perhaps a title. That works for me. I like that style of presentation. Stick up an image and have everyone wondering how the hell it’s of any reference whatsoever to the thing you’re trying to explain. The more obscure the better, just to initially confuse people so much they actually get the popcorn out to see how you can make a ‘comeback’ from this seemingly irretrievable situation.

If you can then explain how the picture is relevant to the subject you’re trying to explain, then you get that ‘bingo’ moment were people not only understand what it is you’re saying, but they’ve got something pretty to look at too.

I’ll have at least 3 or 4 more presentations to do before Christmas and i usually put a lot of thought and time in to them, even though it looks like i could have thrown them together in 5 minutes.

How to get a job

We’ve a guest speaker in tomorrow giving a talk about human resources, recruitment, career planning etc… it’s part of a module so we need to write up a report and ask questions. It’s all a welcome break from the usual college stuff like lectures, reports, assignments… i like watching people from industry come in, just for the novelty of it and to get an insight in to the various jobs and industries out there.


Graduation day is now less than two weeks away which means it’s starting to become a distraction. The suit, the hotel, the tickets, photos etc…. the preparation all eats up time and is floating around in my head. A bit like an exam actually… less pressure of course, but it’s still a date that stands out on the calendar which makes it a distraction.

2 thoughts on “can’t talk, busy”

  1. re. the Graduation …. look at it as a positive.

    You did the work and made the grade. You’ll be getting a public acknowledgement of that.

    Soak it up and enjoy it!

    (and throw up a pic or two … 🙂

  2. yeah i’ll probably take that attitude on the day all right and i’ll definitely be throwing up pics 🙂

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