can’t stay awake on buses..

What is it about buses that make me sleepy?! Am i the only one that can’t keep my eyes open on a relatively long bus journey??

I was in Dublin again today (no snaps, i didn’t want to risk flooding my n95 with all the rain!)… but the bus journey there and back (2hours each way) was a bloody killer 😐

I think it’s a combination of boredom, heat/comfort and not being able to move much… I never fall asleep during the day or in a car, just buses 😎 I think i’ll drive up to Dublin next week (for the first time) when i’m heading to the airport, can’t fall asleep then :mrgreen:

I slept for about half an hour on the bus home this evening.. now i’ll not be able to get to sleep for all hours tonight.. that’s the problem.. it has a knock on effect 🙄

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