can’t post. busy.


Now that my 400 day+ streak has ended, there’s less pressure on me to blog daily. When i say i’m busy, it means i’m busy. It doesn’t mean i’m just saying it for the sake of saying it…

College hasn’t won

Although i do have a lot of work on at college, it’s not the sole reason for me wanting to gain more time by cutting back on my blog posts. It’s a combination of things, college is just one of them. For the next 3 months or so i’ll be working on presentations, assignments, exams and of course my dissertation. That alone is enough to warrant doing nothing only study but i’m not interested enough in any of it to drop everything and stick my head in books for months on end. That’s not my style.


The main reason why i want to gain some extra time is because this site badly needs updating. I also have to update in time for easter and the way things are going at the minute, i just won’t have the time, so i need to find it from somewhere…

Back Ups

Whilst i have backups of everything now and i’ve automated a lot of stuff, i can do better and automate more when it comes to backups and having restores readily available but again i need time to sit down and do it right. I could also do with dumping domains, cleaning up databases and giving everything a general ‘spring clean’.


I may or may not be blogging daily from now on, it depends. Once i finish up in college, i’ll definitely try to get back in to the habit of blogging daily but for now, i’m stepping down from blogging daily. I’ll still be blogging regularly, possibly even 6 times a week depending on how much i miss it.

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