can’t beat perfection

Today, i decided to do something productive, rather than let the day slip past, as i’d ‘wasted’ the morning going to college only to find hardly any of my lecturers were in.

So i tidied my bedroom. It needed cleaning :mrgreen: 2 hours, 2 full bags of rubbish, lovely dust-free furniture and my room is as clean as it’s ever been.

I love that feeling. It’s just like my blog. Passing all the validation tests (almost!) and all lovely, new and clean. It allows me to just focus on what i do best – writing. I don’t have to worry about bugs or scripts etc.. (well, there’s still a sidebar issue in earlier IE versions, but i’m working on it)

It’s a great feeling coming on to this blog every day as i know it’s now 100% mine and something i can be proud of 😎

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