can you turn off an iPhone and still use the alarm function?

iPhone alarm

This is a question i had recently… can i set an alarm, then turn off my iphone but still have the alarm go off? I think i’ve done that once or twice in the past and chalked the fact it didn’t go off to me setting the wrong time. On all of my old nokia phones i remember turning them off, then having the alarm kick in at whatever time i set. The short answer to the question is ‘no’…

The problem

The reason why i didn’t want to keep my phone on and set an alarm is because i didn’t want to be disturbed by phone calls or messages at night. Usually, i’ve no problem with that – i like people to be contactable 24/7 in case of emergency and so i do my best to make sure that’s exactly what i am.

At night, my phone is on vibrate and if i’m woken by a message or call, it’s no big deal… in this specific instance, i knew i’d be getting a call that wasn’t important but it would be ridiculously early (long story). So i wanted to set an alarm as normal but not be interrupted by this call.

I could have just switched off vibrate but i also wanted to conserve power because i’d left my phone charger at the other side of my bedroom. So i wanted to set an alarm and switch the phone off.

iPhone Alarm

A quick google told me i couldn’t do that. Off means ‘off’. No exceptions. Initially, i thought that was pretty stupid given the fact most people only use their phone as a clock and alarm clock when abroad… plus they’re looking to save power when abroad too because their charging schedule is messed up.

The solution

It was that thought process however that led me to remember the ‘airplane’ mode on the iPhone. That cuts all network connectivity meaning the iPhone becomes an expensive iPod without wifi… calls & texts can’t get through and power is conserved due to the lack of connectivity. BUT the phone is still powered on, therefore the alarm clock function still works perfectly.

So if you ever find yourself setting an alarm and switching your iPhone off, remember that you won’t be woken up on time the next morning :mrgreen: Never switch the iPhone off… airplane mode is as ‘do not disturb’ as it gets.

Airplane Mode

12 thoughts on “can you turn off an iPhone and still use the alarm function?”

  1. But in alarm mode you still get calendar and othe non network related notifications. And my phone, even on vibrate still wakes me up. I’d love to know a way to disable ALL notifications, calls, or text messages when in alarm mode. Or how about a simple “meeting mode” or “silent mode” so the phone doesnt make a sound or vibrate. My old treo had that, only thing I miss about the little bugger.

  2. Just FYI the newest version of iOS 6 has a ‘do not disturb’ feature which stops the phone from receiving certain calls and notifications. I can leave my phone for an alarm but if family call me I’ll hear it. And I won’t get disturbed from calendar notifications or emails etc. it’s a pretty handy feature!

  3. Ya Shean, I totally agree with what you mentioned about Nokia phones .I grew up in Europe and Nokia was and still is really popular .I cannot believe Apple didn’t have that on their units also.The airplane function and also mentioned Do not disturb choice are pretty good ideas .The Nokia 3210 is without a doubt the most durable and almost indestructible unit .It was my first phone and it really survived it all.I have broken 6 screens on 3 different phones In last year alone.Well my friends Merry Christmas and Good luck to the 2014.

  4. Great idea, I will try it, if it fails so dose the iphone and I will go back to nokia and smash the iphone so no one elce has to deal with this retarded feature!

  5. Thanks I learned so much but 1 question will the phone transfer radiation rays when the phone is on under your pillow?

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