calmer week ahead

These past couple of weeks i’ve been extremely busy working on several paid jobs. This week, things should finally be getting ‘back to normal’.

Creative Commons License photo credit: moritzmekel

I’ve loads of work to do myself… too much to mention in a single blog post. I do enjoy getting paid to build websites though – i take for granted my own skills and i have to if i’m to constantly improve but it’s nice to know people are willing to pay for my services and go away happy with what they’ve got 🙂

Anyway, next week i’ll be working on redeveloping / improving some of my own sites (this one included) & i’ll also be developing one site which i haven’t mentioned yet.

I’m due to meet a partner next Saturday in Dublin too so that’ll be fun… it’s always interesting to talk about projects face to face and get some ideas flowing.

So it should be a pretty calm week but that can change. I’ve had one or two people express an interest in getting work done and i’m finding that as soon as i create one site, two more seem to come along – i suppose it’s a good thing because i’m being recommended or people just like what they see.

Right now i’m just enjoying myself and enjoying being off from college. Work rate is good, quality of work is good… i’m learning constantly and making some cash on the side, plus raising money for charity, adding to my portfolio etc… it’s gonna be one mad, but very productive summer ahead for me!!

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