Cable Management

Wireless technology is great… no wires, no dust, no accidental trips or dogs eating them…

Unfortunately not everything can be wireless. You can’t make electricity wireless (well you can, but let’s not complicate things as that’s in the future!) so printers, laptops, speakers, routers etc.. all need cables to feed electricity to them.

Wireless speakers, bluetooth printers etc… cost a bomb so most of us just put up with the cables and crap that comes with them. I’ve begun to de-clutter my room and there’s one big pain in the ass problem that i could never solve – my 7.1 surround system.

Yes, a huge subwoofer, with a whopping 7 seperate satellite speakers and a total of 14 cables coming out of the subwoofer 😳 I would have tacked them to the wall only the wires aren’t long enough to stretch the speakers to where i wanted them so the end result is full surround sound, but at the expense of a big mess of cables 😥

cable2.jpg cable3.jpg

Well, those days are now coming to an end as i’ve decided to clamp down on this cable madness. I’ve ordered 100 cable ties, 100 wall mount clips, 4 x 3.5mm audio extension cables, and a total of 4.5 metres of zip cable wrap. That oughta sort things out 😈

Update: I’ve also bought 2 RCA phono extension cables and 30 little fish and crab cable holdery things, something like what preblogging suggested in the comments below.

I hate have clutter and unorganised crap around the place… i hate all those houses with a mantle piece full of stupid little ornaments all over the place and pictures of everyone hanging about. ‘Units’ full of old delf and glasses and draws full of paper and junk that nobody could be arsed to organise. That drives me mad. Absolutely buck mad i tell ya 😡

No house is perfect, no room will ever be 100% clutter free when occupied, but a little spring clean every few months isn’t gonna kill anyone. It’s that ‘ah sure it’ll do, it’s not in the way’ attitude which i hate. We’re all guilty of it – i am too. But every now and then you need to force yourself out of bad habits and just do it.

So today i took a notion i wanted ultimate cable management, i spent about $25 on the gear and bang bang bang, it’s out of the way and my mind can rest and move on to something else 😎

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