Buying desk and monitors next week

I’ve decided to buy myself a new desk & monitors next week, possibly a chair also. It’s not exactly a surprise, i’ve been planning it for months.

I’ll be getting this desk at €225 from (buying it in store).

I’ll then buy two 20 inch LCD monitors. Not just any old monitors either, these two curvy, glossy, black beauties will cost about €450 together and not only do they look the part, they have equally impressive specs to match.

I’ll not be buying an actual PC for another couple of weeks, late April. Reason for this is that I’m at college full time until May so i won’t really get to play with it much until then when i get a week off to ‘study’. I also want to get a further $1k in to my account before i go spending about $1500 on a PC 🙂

Don’t forget i also have a 7.1 surround sound system (which is currently out of action as i juggle my room about to accommodate the new desk). So my new set up is going to be super sweet.

40 inches of screen real estate to roam about in, large modern desk, a top of the range PC with a quad core processor, 4 gigs of ram and a top of the range graphics card under the hood, capped off with a full 7.1 surround system to keep my ears entertained.

I suppose the most satisfactory thing of all will be the fact that without my internet earnings, it wouldn’t be possible at this moment in time 🙂

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