busy getting things done


I haven’t been blogging for the past few days but i’ve been busy. These days i’m working on starting up a business and in an office at least 3 days a week (working on starting up that business). When i’m not there i’m working at the same stuff at home. When i’m not at home or in that office, i’m thinking of working at home or being in that office… you get the idea… working 25/7…


For the time being, my main role in this project is to design stuff. I’m well capable of designing stuff and i’ll be making sure nothing falls below my own standards. Nothing will hit the web that will embarrass us, not on the design front anyway.

Because we’re armed with blank cheques and an army of staff (sarcasm:detected), i’m also taking charge of css & html and making sure those two are as bulletproof as possible. Over the past couple of days i’ve spent quite a bit of time studying and tailoring blueprint which is a css framework.

Ideally, everything gets documented and organised neatly in a business. Everyone understands everything that way, in theory. Working with frameworks like this, i don’t have to worry about documentation, i just have to stick to it religiously and know it inside out. That way, i save time, we have nice, styled, up to date css documentation and everyone wins.

If this was my own project, i wouldn’t be so meticulous about things but because this has potential to grow and grow quick, there could well be more than just me working on graphic design & css and that’s where the beauty of a framework like this will really kick in.


You’ll get to see the fruits of my labour one day, but patience is required. Once we’re up and running i’ll be putting my ‘social media’ hat on and putting that old college dissertation to good use. Practicising the preaching.

Punishment = reward

I’ve always maintained that by blogging daily and challenging myself constantly with stupid little goals and challenges, i force myself to be more creative, so i see the world differently and i learn more and certainly document more.

As part of my ‘July Challenge’ i wanted up take more video and upload more to my youtube channel. So i did. One of the videos i took (which i probably wouldn’t have took were it not for that challenge) was this video of penguins being fed.

Long story short – it was picked up by a fairly large blog a couple of days ago, now has about 5,000 views (making it my most popular youtube video ever) and i’ve had an offer from an even bigger blog network to buy it. None of that would have happened were it not for me putting myself under pressure to hit targets.




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