busy ending to march

I like being busy, being under pressure and right now, i can’t do much more.

Rush hour
Creative Commons License photo credit: Puss.In.The.Hood


I have just 3 weeks of college left starting tomorrow. I have all of this week to get through (feel sorry for me), then i’ve a two week break for easter, followed by two weeks of college classes, then a ‘study week’ off and then 6 exams which run from 11th to 21st May, usually a day between each exam.

So i have it pretty easy. I do have a few exams and assignments to complete this week as part of my continuous assessment mark. My overall marks are made up of about 40% CA and 60% end of term written exams.

I’m expecting about 30% out of 40% on the CA side of things which will leave me in a strong position going in to the summer exams. I have no repeats from Christmas and no subject really worries me, so i’m expecting to coast in to third year.


Last week, i also agreed to partner up on an Irish Golfing website which i’ll name at a later date. I have no interest in golf, none whatsoever… but that is in many ways what attracted me to the project. It allows me to focus purely on things i’m good at like SEO and blogging – i won’t get distracted or de-railed by writing or researching golfing topics 🙂

The site in question is running joomla, so i’ve been busy doing my homework on joomla and have successfully upgraded the site from version 1.0 to 1.5 (latest version), plus moved the site to a new server. There’s a lot more work to be done, but it’s all coming together nicely and the site has a lot of potential.


What else have i been doing? Well, as i speak i’m installing ubuntu on my old laptop… with a view to being able to dual boot XP and ubuntu. That sounds horrendously techy and i despise people who try to run 20 operating systems on a hacked mobile phone and things like that but this is part of a college assignment and i’ve no choice.

I like linux, i like ubuntu because they’re free and open source. Will i ever use them? No (not on a desktop). Everything is built for windows and works with windows so unless i’ve a really good reason to use any other operating system, i won’t be switching from windows any time soon.

Windows > MAC >everything else in an average home environment. For graphic design, film and arty types, MAC rules the roost. If RAM and power is a problem, the likes of ubuntu do the job nicely. But for mr.average, windows wins, which is why it is so dominant although i’ll concede windows dugg a grave for themselves with vista :mrgreen:

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