business networking..

Today, i received my 250 free business cards from

Here’s a few snaps..


The quality, as declan pointed out in a comment, isn’t great.. the card is just thicker than paper and it could easily be bent/folded/made into an airplane 😉

But what do you expect, for free :mrgreen: The print quality seems grand and it came out just the way i’d designed it on the site. There is a little self promotion going on by vistaprint as they place a ad on the back of all cards, then you to pay if you want it removed 😈 Ryanair would be proud..

Anyway, i now have 250 business cards to get rid of, and that’s probably a lifetimes supply for me, but they are incredibly handy to have.

On the subject of business networking, i’m just after receiving an email from Christopher at (like literally 5 minutes ago whilst i was in the middle of making this post). I haven’t had much of a chance to see what it’s about or how it works, but from the email i got, plus the brief tour i seen, referallkey seems to be a ‘linkedin on steroids’ which was the way Christopher put it. So be sure to check that out and see what you make of it..

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