Manchester Derby Day

It’s a big day for Man Utd today..


50 years on from the Munich air disaster in which most of Utd’s then superstars were wiped out. Regarded as one of the greatest sides of all time and just hitting their peak.

Anyway, today, Man Utd play Man City at Old Trafford. There will be a minute’s silence before kick off and both Utd and City are absolutely petrified that City fans will make a mockery of it and start chanting and booing etc..

There have been several warnings and letters to City fans asking them to respect the silence, and it will be a huge day for english football if all goes off without a hitch. Remember, this is a nation who used to have a notorious hooligan element, terrace riots, racism etc aimed towards players and in a very short space of time (last 15 years), it’s almost been a complete 360 turn.

You have to commend the authorities and clubs for cleaning up football and making it a family friendly event.

Both sides will be wearing unique retro strips with no sponsorship or names on them – just like those worn by the Busby Babes. Looking forward to this one…. you can just feel the love, glamour and history of this club on big days like this.

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  1. yeah it’s been a good weekend for you lot 😉 2 points clear with a game in hand… gonna be a tight one this year, and if arsenal win it, it will be (imo) the greatest triumph of all as i like many others had written them off.

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