Burlington Hotel – Epic Fail

Apparently, the Burlington Hotel is a 4 star hotel. Not in my books. I stayed there last night and it’s the worst 4 star hotel i’ve ever seen. I’ll let these pictures do the talking…

Burlington Hotel Alarm Clock

Burlington Hotel Bed

Burlington Hotel Ceiling

Burlington Hotel Wallpaper

Burlington Hotel Uneven lamps

Burlington Hotel Guide

Burlington Hotel TV

The alarm clock sums it up for me. Meant to be white, but it’s yellow because it’s been there so long. From the early 90’s i reckon, possibly late 80’s. Honestly, not a single inch of the room looks to have been touched since at least 1990. I actually looked through the guest guide expecting the prices to be in pounds rather than euros – that’s the sort of vibe you get from the place. Not a grand, classic, opulent vibe, but a run down, out of date, uncared for vibe.

I was shocked to find black and white photocopied pages in the guide too… no laminate, no colour, they were so poorly photocopied i couldn’t read some of the stuff!

I don’t blame the Burlington Hotel (well, that’s a lie), i blame the idiots who rated this hotel 4 stars. It’s a 2 star hotel at best surviving on it’s dying reputation.

  • No air conditioning / heat control in rooms
  • Wallpaper peeling off walls
  • No LCD tv’s
  • Pillows & Matresses made of rocks
  • Photocopied guest guide which was barely readable due to the fact it was literally photocopied in black and white by a really poor quality photocopier (Not laminated either – just standard a4 paper)
  • Furniture from the 70’s or 80’s that just looks tacky and cheap now
  • No ‘in room dining menu’ despite saying so on our key cards
  • Crooked lampshades and pictures on walls

You might think my room was a one off – no. There were plenty of doors open along the corridors all revealing the same nasty interior design work and out of date look that had already destroyed my experience.

On the plus side, the rooms were pretty big and we had no problems with service. The lobby & bar / restaurant were modern and colorful – very nice. It was almost like two different hotels. I know the Burlington have better standard rooms as i’ve seen them on their website, but i’d be embarrassed putting guests in the room we got. It’s not 4 star standard.

If you want a 4 star hotel in Dublin try The Morrisson or Hilton Kilmainham – both worthy of their 4 stars. A 3 star hotel which is, in my opinion, far superior to the Burlington, is the Maldron Hotel, Smithfield.

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  1. i figured a blog post would do more damage pb 🙂 roughly 300 people will read this now, plus i might do a bit of damage in the search engines too for anything burlington related 😉

    but yeah – it wasn’t even funny and the clock is what triggered me to start taking photos and make a blog post out of it!

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