build it and they’ll come

just build it

A quote from the 1989 movie ‘Field of Dreams’. Not always true of course… This shopping center in China is a perfect real life of example of why you can’t believe anything you see or hear in movies i.e. “build it and they will come”…

Just build it

I’m going to simplify that quote and leave out the “and they’ll come” part. So i say “just build it”. Doesn’t matter if they come. Why “just build it”? Well, because if you don’t build it, nobody can come. Pretty simple.

Why build it?

If you have an idea and don’t turn it in to reality, you may as well not have an idea because nobody but you knows about it. You’ll die with an idea that nobody knew about. What good is that?

All inventions were built

Think back to the wheel or the steam engine or the telephone, TV, internet… this stuff was all ‘built’. They were all invented before my time but i can enjoy them all now and take them all for granted.

That’s because those ideas didn’t go in to the grave with their creators. They were ‘born’ and because they were born, they’ll live, just like people. If stuff lives, stuff will create children. Wheels + Engine are the parents of a car. Computers & networks are the parent of the internet… Ideas mutate and give birth to more ideas, that’s why we always need more and more…

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