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Broadband speed is not something you’ll hear me moan about too often. I’ve a 2mb connection, which was supposed to be upgraded to 3mb’s a few month ago if i recall correctly.

Anyway, for some reason there was more upgrading going on over the past few days. It has resulted in dialup speeds and WORSE at times. Here’s a screenshot i took yesterday evening, with BT Ireland as my ISP;

BT broadband

That means anything more than email is a no-go. It’s beyond ridiculous… less than 5kbps! That’s more than 11 times SLOWER than a typical dial up connection. Ok, maybe i caught it at a bad time but it was painfully slow.

I *just about* got a post published yesterday after several timeouts and failed attempts. The problem isn’t just a local one, it’s nationwide if these threads are anything to go by and the ISP’s have some explaining to do.

This is 2008, you can’t get away with a bit of downtime here and there or slow speeds like you could do 10 years ago… you can’t afford to mess about with a system that’s already working but that’s exactly what eircom/BT whoever are in charge of these upgrades have done.

Thankfully, today my speed is hovering around the 1mb mark but how long will that last?

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  1. Yeah that sucks alright 😛 I rang Eircom up today about my broadband, i am on 3mb now 😀 apparently it was upgraded last night, and as for the problem with my broadband box, they were having none of it, they wouldn’t believe it was broken so if it happens again they said they will definitely repair it! I expect it will be broken by the end of tonight, as usual!

  2. I have been having exactly the same problem over the past few weeks with BT ever since they did the so called upgrade of my line to ADSL2. To top that customer support has been dreadful, no one seems to care. I have been calling them constantly and waiting for over 1 hour each time for them to get back to me.
    I also used to have the 2mb connection and they were upgrading it to 4+ at no extra cost but I am currently getting 120kbps at times.
    I think it’s time a petition was got together and was sent to the consumers’ association of ireland. We are paying good money for a service that isn’t much better than dialup speeds. my 3g phone is way faster than my broadband line, it actually freezes when trying to access my wifi in the house.

  3. Yup, I’ve been having the same probs with similar speed results and reported it to Eircom on Friday. Was upgraded to 3Mb which stopped my service altogether so they then put it back down to 2MG because my new 3Mb line cannot support 3Mb. Go figure.

    Is this the worst in Europe?

  4. well probably worst value in europe that’s for sure 🙂 so the whole country gets upgraded but no lines outside dublin can support it – that’s basically what they’re saying.

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